Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) Bird Cage

1. What does My Chi's Pet Sitting provide?
- My Chi's Pet Sitting provides hands on pet-care, all in the convenience and comfort of your own home. Our mission is to be there for your pet – when you are unable to do so yourself. To feed/walk/take for potty breaks/potty-clean-up/provide fresh drinking water/change doggie diaper Pads/ (If utilized for pets).

2. How is My Chi's Pet Sitting different from other pet sitting services?
- My Chi's Pet Sitting is committed to its promise: To provide your pet with love, personal care, and safety, when you are unable to do so yourself. To respect the specifications required of us, and your home, while performing the duties you have asked for in caring for your pet. We also provide a detailed check-list of our visit, to reassure you your pet’s needs were met to the fullest expectations during our visit. My Chi's Pet Sitting can provide: Text-Updates and Pictures of our visit, upon your request. Our goal is to give you a peace of mind in knowing, if your pet suffers from separation anxiety – and misses you, we are there to provide the care needed until your return. Pet1

3. Does My Chi's Pet Sitting provide boarding/kennel services?
- My Chi's Pet Sitting does not consider boarding (with us personally), or over-night pet-sitting. The services we offer are: Provided only at the pet’s personal home - or their personal environment setting. These services can be discussed upon your request, and based on hourly rates - (Feeding/Play-time/Walking/Special Dietary needs/, all can be provided hourly – at the clients personal home. Having two dogs myself, I established My Chi's Pet Sitting to provide service to my clients at their home – when their schedules don't allow them the time to be there for their pets. My main goal – is to make my service available to you quick and easy. To be available to your pet – when you can’t be.

4. In case of an Emergency, what can My Chi's Pet Sitting ® do for my pet?
- My Chi's Pet Sitting will require from its pet owners: 1) An emergency point of contact, 2) A history (does not have to be written) of their pet’s medical issues if any, 3) Information on Animal Hospital(s), or Facilities where your pet receives, or can receive immediate treatment, and 4) A signed waiver allowing us permission, to contact you, and take the necessary steps with your permission - to provide your pet with the emergency care needed at that given time. Pet2

5. Are discounts offered for multiple dogs and extended services?
- My Chi's Pet Sitting provides discounts. If multiple dogs are under our care during our visit (the maximum being four dogs), we will provide lower rates for multiple pets. Our rates are available on our website. We take pride in knowing that we can offer our services whether they are needed for one, or multiple pets at a time.

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