Mission Statement dog

My love for animals and their well-being led to this dream - establishing My Chi's Pet Sitting. Whenever I traveled, or was away from home, I had to rush back in a few hours, because my two Chihuahuas Nemo and Lola were home alone. When my family vacations were planned, my heart would ache because it meant that my dogs had to be boarded in a kennel, for the number of days we were away on vacation. I knew deep down inside, I wasn’t the only person out there, going through this, wishing and wanting that their dogs were loved and cared for in their own personal surroundings . So, I promised myself to one day make other pet parents feel safe, in knowing their pets are loved and cared for while under my supervision. I wanted to provide the same peace of mind, I myself needed, when I knew my dogs were under the care of someone other than myself. An avid animal lover, I know what it feels like to want the best care for your pet—To know that if you are unable to be home at a certain time, and your pet needs to be fed/walked/taken out on potty-breaks/ - That those needs can be met, all according to your specifications. I love both my Chihuahua’s dearly, Nemo my elderly little man (He is 12 yrs. old), and Lola my little girl (She is 8 yrs. old – and suffers from seizures – she will be medicated for the duration of her life, because of these seizures).
My Chi's Pet Sitting ® is my dedication to honor my dogs. It is the reason I created this business… To care for your pet(s) with unconditional love, respect them and provide a safe haven under my care, no matter what age/breed/or medical condition. To do so whole heartedly, when you are unable to do so yourself – right in the comfort of their very own home.

Our Vision

To stand by your customized pet-care needs and instructions, whether your pet is young, old, active, not active, social or non-social. We are committed to fulfilling the best service possible for your pet(s) needs as well as your own. My Chi's Pet Sitting will allow you to choose services to fit and accommodate your specifications.

Our Commitment

My Chi's Pet Sitting's promise to you: Is to always exhibit professional conduct, honesty, integrity and respect for your pet, and your personal property - Leading by example through our actions and words - we will love, care and make it our priority for your pet to feel safe while under our care.



The safety of your pets is our top priority! It is paramount to the success of My Chi's Pet Sitting. We take to heart our responsibility in service, and in providing a safe and loving relationship with your pet while they are under our care. We have access to a Software Application “Pet First Aid” (App). This application covers medical conditions/emergency incidences/ – which can inform us if issues arise during our visit; and if they are any causes for concern, we can contact you immediately. Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.