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My Chi's Pet Sitting understands that each pet and household is unique. We will work with you to create a tailored pet care plan that will suit your individual needs.

Each additional Pet $5.00

Dog Walking

15 min: $10.00 (The basics – a quick potty break (feeding included for an additional $5.00 fee)
30 min: $15.00
45 min: $20.00
60 min: $25.00
Our services entail: Walking your dog (picking up after them potty-pick up), which keeps them physically fit, allows them to interact with the outdoor world, helps in reducing behavior problems like separation anxiety and excessive barking. Once we return from our walk – I provide your pet with fresh drinking water, if feeding is required, provide their meal - if treats are required, provide treats. I also will leave a detailed check-list of our visit, and mark off all the services rendered during our visit.

Puppy Pet-Sit

30 min: $20.00 (feeding included for an additional $5.00 fee)
45 min: $25.00
60 min: $30.00
Puppies require more of our time and care, the first few months of their life can be difficult for puppy-parents who work full time jobs - and can only be there for their puppy on a limited time basis. We can help you with crate training – puppy-play time, puppy meals (feeding for puppies can range from 2-3 mini meals a day). We can take your puppy for walks, and also follow your instructions on reinforcement behaviors, to make sure our visit caters to the familiarity you are aiming for on a daily basis. Visits include Puppy clean-ups, whether they are crate training, or in gated areas, all messes made in your absence, will be taken care of by us.

Pet Sitting Visits - While on Vacation

Dog and Puppies (feeding included – for additional $5.00 fee)
15 min: $10.00
30 min: $20.00
45 min: $30.00
60 min: $40.00
dog walking
Our services entail: Hands on one-on-one attention and care for your pet(s), all in the comforts of your own home while you are out of town or on vacation. We offer a peace of mind not only for your animals, but also for you while you are away. This is a great option for people with more than one animal in their home. We can provide text updates and pictures of your pets while away – to give you a peace of mind in knowing they are being loved and cared for until your return.

Pet Sitting Includes:
  • Feeding and providing fresh drinking water daily
  • Walking and providing some form of activity for dogs
  • Potty Pick-up and Clean-up
  • Take in mail, newspapers and packages
  • Turn lights on or off per your instructions – leave Radio on per instructions
  • Provide Daily detailed check-list on what went on with your pet while you were away
  • Provide texts and pictures of your pet per your request, and give unlimited love and affection, until your safe return home
* These services are provided for One Pet
* One to two pets – there is an additional fee of $10.00
* Three to four pets – there is an additional fee of $20.00

Last Minute / Emergency Pet Care:

$30.00 (Emergency Service fee) – (Includes: Pet Sitting Visits – While on Vacation – Services)
* All Pet Sitting Services listed above are included with this service.

We ask that you allow us a 3 day notice, on “Emergency” reservation requests. An additional $20.00 plus your regular service fee, for any service requests that we receive during the 3 day notice, are required. Requests by voicemail or via email will be processed within the next two business days, and subject to the $20.00 fee. This fee applies even if it is not necessary for us to be at your home for the full length of a regular pet sitting or dog walking visit. We cannot guarantee availability, but we promise to try to accommodate your needs and the needs of your pet.


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